Falooda Sev

Falooda noodle is an essential ingredient for falooda. There are not easily available in market. So I am giving the recipe of falooda noodles which are very easy



Preparation And Cooking Time

15 Min.


Basic Ingredients

Cooking Method :   

1/4Cup Corn flour

1/8tsp Yellow Food Color

1tbsp Sugar

Mix corn flour, sugar, yellow food color and 3/4cup water.

Pour the mixture in a heavy bottom non-stick pan.

Stir continuously and cook it on low flame.

Cook on low flame till it becomes transparent.

It should look like this. When it is done switch off the flame.

Grease the sev maker with oil and place a fine holed disc.

Fill the corn flour mixture in the sev maker. Be careful it is hot.

Add chilled water and ice cubes in a bowl.

With sev maker, press out the noodles in chilled water.

Leave it untouched for 10 minutes.

Look!! How easy it is to make Falooda Sev at home.


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