Crispy potato French Fries

Crispy French fries are one of the favorite snack of children and elders as well. If you do not want to give them store bought and packed frozen food because they have lots of preservatives. So you can prepare french fries at home in a very easy manner and tastier and crispier from the market ones. So just make them at home and enjoy the fries with ketchup at anytime, anywhere.



Preparation And Cooking Time

30 Min.


Fast Food

Cooking Method :   

  2 Large Potatoes

  2tbsp Corn flour

  Salt to Taste

Peel the potatoes. Cut into thin slices and then into fries.

Dip in water for 10 minutes.

Take out from water, spread on kitchen towel and make sure towel absorbs all the water.

Coat all fries with corn flour.

Fill in zip lock pouch or in air tight container and keep in freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Take out from the fridge.

Fry in hot oil on medium high flame for 5 minutes.

Take out them and allow to cool completely.

Again fry in hot oil for 2 minutes on high flame. Make sure they do not become brown.

Take out French fries on a tissue paper. Sprinkle some salt and enjoy hot.

Hot, Crispy Homemade french fries are ready to eat..... Enjoy!!!!


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