Shahi Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta is a royal Indian curry which is a very popular curry made on various occasions and events. This easy step by step video recipe gives it a unique taste. This recipe’s simple yet the unique way of filling malai (homemade fresh cream) and dry-fruits in the center also gives it a royal taste.



Preparation And Cooking Time

60 Min.



Cooking Method :   

 For Gravy -                                          

  2 Cups Tomato Puree                         

  1 Cup Onion paste (2 small onion, 2 green chili, 1 inch ginger)               

  3/4 Cup Cashew paste   

  1/2 Cup Fresh cream                                                   

  1/4 Cup Broken cashews                    

  1/2 Cup Mava (Khoya)

  2 Tbsp Oil


  Few Saffron strands soaked in milk

  Whole Garam Masala (1bay- leaf, 1black cardamom, 1 cinnamon stick)

  1 Tsp Sugar

  1 Tsp Coriander Powder

  1/4 Tsp Turmeric powder                               

  1 Tsp Red chili powder

  Salt to taste


For Kofta (Dumplings)-

  4 Medium sized boiled and grated potato

  100 Gram Grated Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

  1 Tbsp Mava (Khoya)

  Salt to taste

  1 Pinch yellow Food Colour

  1 Tbsp Broken Cashews

  1/4 Tsp cardamom Powder

  2 Tbsp Corn flour

  Oil for frying


1.       Heat oil in a pan, crackle bay leaf, cardamom and cinnamon stick.

2.       Add onion paste and cook it for 5 minutes on low medium flame.

3.       Add red chili powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder.

4.       Add cashew paste and cook for 5 minutes on low medium flame.

5.       Add fresh cream, khoya, saffron and cook for 5-6 minutes.

6.       Note: The gravy should be smooth.

7.       Add tomato puree and mix well.

8.       Add salt and 1 cup water. Cover it and cook on low flame for 20-25 minutes.

9.       Meanwhile prepare stuffing for koftas. Add cashews and yellow food colour in mava(Khoya).

10.   Add grated potato, grated paneer, cardamom powder salt and corn flour.

11.   Mix and mash with hands to make a soft dough.

12.   Take a handful dough and stuff 1/2 tsp yellow stuffing and seal it properly.

13.   Prepare all cylindrical shaped koftas like this.

14.   Roll them in corn flour and deep fry in hot oil on high flame.

15.   Take them out.

16.   Fry all koftas like this.

17.   Have a look!! Smooth & Creamy gravy is ready. Add sugar and stir it. Cook for 2 minutes and switch off the flame.

18.   For assembling of royal malai kofta, fill serving dish with gravy, place koftas on it, sprinkle cashews and fresh coriander.

19.   Serve hot with naan or chappati.

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