Boondi Ladoo

In Indian culture when we are happy and want to celebrate our happiness the only thing which comes to our mind is Laddoos. Presenting here a small video of Boondi laddoo which you can prepare in minutes. Enjoy happiness....



Preparation And Cooking Time

30 Min.



Cooking Method :   

            1 Cup Fine Besan

            3/4 Cup Sugar

            1 Tbsp Broken Cashews

            1 Tbsp Pistachio Flakes

            1/2 Tsp Cardamom Powder

            A pinch of Red Orange Food Colour

            Ghee / Oil for frying

Add 1/2cup water and sugar and make a one thread consistency sugar syrup.

Add cardamom and orange food colour.

Gradually add water in besan and make a lump-free thick batter.

For boondis pour the batter over sieve and fry in hot ghee for 2 minutes on high flame.

Take boondis out of the ghee.

Soak boondis in sugar syrup.

Add cashew and pistachio flakes. Keep aside for half an hour.

Mix again. With wet hands make laddu with handful of soaked boondi.

Laddus are ready.

Fresh & Pure homemade Boondi Laddoos are ready...!!

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