Lachha Paratha

Everyone loves lachha paratha, which is generally made of maida. Here presenting the recipe of lachha paratha made with whole wheat which is healthy. These Multilayered parathas are crispy and delicious.



Preparation And Cooking Time

60 Min.


Indian Flat Bread, Chhapati

Cooking Method :   

  1 Cup Whole wheat flour

  1 Cup APF (Maida)

  3 Tsp Semolina (Rava)

  1 Tsp Salt

  1 Tsp Sugar powder

 1/4 Cup Melted Butter

  1/4 Cup melted Clarified Butter (Ghee)

Add whole wheat flour, maida, rava, salt, sugar and mix well.

Make a hard dough using water. Cover it and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

Knead it again and make 8 balls from the dough.

Mix butter and ghee in a bowl.

Grease the worktable with ghee butter mixture.             

Roll the ball in oval shape with rolling pin as thin as you can.

Cut it into thin strips with a sharp knife or pizza cutter.

Apply generous amount of ghee and butter mixture.

Collect these strips with a scraper.

Stretch and roll it and make a ball. Keep it on a plate.

Prepare all the balls like shown in the video. Cover them and keep in fridge for an hour.

Take out them and gently roll them in a thick disc.

Roast on a hot tava, apply ghee butter mixture on both sides.

You can see the flakes or lachhe in the paratha.

Flaky lacchedar Paratha is ready to serve..!!!


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