Yellow Banana Wafers

Yellow Banana wafers are everyones favorite. These are crispy, tasty and easy to make. Yellow ones are more delicious than the market ones.



Preparation And Cooking Time

40 Min.


Dry Snacks

Cooking Method :   

 1 Kg Plantain Bananas

 2 Tsp Salt

 Oil for Frying

1.       Add water in salt and mix well.

2.       These bananas are especially available in market for making yellow banana wafers.

3.       Peel them with a knife.

4.       Make thin slices with a slicer direct in the hot oil.

5.       Give a stir to prevent banana slices sticking from each other.

6.       Add 1tsp salted water in oil.

7.       Fry on high flame only.

8.       Take out when they become crispy.

9.       For frying, the next batch wait for a minute until the oil becomes hot again.

10.   Homemade crispy yellow banana wafers are ready!!!

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    very helpful

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