Curd Mayonnaise Sandwich

Curd Mayo Sandwich is an easy and hassle free recipe. It is quick and perfect for the party food and kids lunch box. It is delicious and healthy choice as a tea time snack.



Preparation And Cooking Time

20 Min.



  1/2 Cup Shredded green cabbage

  1/2 Cup Shredded Purple cabbage

  1/2 Cup grated carrot

  1/2 Cup chopped spring onions (whites & greens both)

  1 Cup hung curd

  1/3 Cup mayonnaise

  1 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar

  Salt to taste

  1 Tbsp mustard sauce

  1 Tsp Black pepper powder

  Salt to taste

  Bread loaf/bun/bread slices

Add hung curd, mayonnaise, mustard sauce, salt, pepper powder in a bowl and whip it.

Add all vegetables and mix well.

Add apple cider vinegar. Mix Nicely.

Make a slit in bread bun and fill the prepared coleslaw salad in cavity.

Homemade healthy curd mayo/coleslaw bun is ready to eat!!!

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