Blue Moon Ice Cream

Relish this summer with innovative flavour of ice cream. Easy, quick and can be prepared with few ingredients.



Preparation And Cooking Time

15 Min.


Ice-Creams and Kulfi (Frozen Dessert)

  1 Cup Nondairy whipping cream

  200ml Fresh cream

  200g Homemade condensed milk

  1/3 Cup Blue Curacao fruit syrup

  1/2 tsp blue food color

Add nondairy whipping cream in a chilled bowl and whip it till soft peaks.

Add fresh cream and whip it also for 3-4 minutes.

Add condensed milk and whip again for a minute.

Add blue curacao fruit syrup and mix well.

Add blue food color and mix.

Blend it with beater for a minute.

Pour in an air tight container.

For the beautiful swirls you can add more color and give a swirling pattern with a spatula. (Optional)

Cover with a lid and keep in deep freezer for 8-10 hours.

Take out from freezer.

Scoop out and enjoy the sweet and tangy blue moon ice cream.


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