Eggless Tri Color Doughnuts

Happy Independence Day!!! Make these delicious Tricolor Doughnuts on the auspicious day to celebrate it with family and friends. They are easy and bal



Preparation And Cooking Time

90 Min.



Cooking Method :   

200g All Purpose Flour (Maida)

1/2 Cup powdered Sugar

1/4 Cup Milk Powder

2tbsp Butter

1tsp Instant Yeast

1/2tsp Salt

1Cup Icing Sugar

1/8tsp Orange Food Color

1/8tsp Green Food Color

3tbsp Milk

1.      Mix all purpose flour, powdered sugar, milk powder, instant yeast and salt in a bowl.

2.      Add water and make a soft dough but not sticky.

3.      Take the dough on a platform and knead it well with butter.

4.      Sprinkle some dry flour and knead for 10 minutes till it forms into a smooth dough.

5.      Keep the dough in a greased bowl and also grease the dough. Cover it with cling film and keep it in a warm place for 1 hour.

6.      For the glaze, add icing sugar in the bowl and adding milk gradually mix it so that no lumps are formed.

7.      Divide the glaze into three bowls. In one bowl add orange color and in second add green color and mix well.

8.      Tricolor glazes are ready.

9.      After 1hour the dough has doubled in size. Remove the cling film and punch it.

10.  Dust dry flour and roll it in 1/2cm thickness.

11.  Cut in round shape with a round cutter and again cut from center with a small round cutter.

12.  Make all like this.

13.  Place them on a dusted tray and keep them in a warm place for second proving.

14.  After 10 minutes they have doubled in size.

15.  Deep fry them in hot oil on low medium flame till they are brown.

16.  Fry all doughnuts like this and let them cool .

17.  Decorate the doughnut with tricolor glazes.
Tricolor Doughnuts are ready!!! :)
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