Chinese veg Lollipop

Chinese Veg Lollipops are easy to make and loaded of lots of veggies. It can be a starter in parties. The tangy and spicy sauce makes it tastier.



Preparation And Cooking Time

30 Min.



Cooking Method :   

1+ 1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Onion

1+ 1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Capsicum

1 +1/2 Cup Grated Cabbage

1 +1/2 Cup Grated Carrot

1 +1/2 Cup Grated Boiled Potato

1tsp Black Pepper

1/4 Cup Corn flour

1tsp Salt

For Sauce-1tsp Oil, 2tsp Ketchup, 1tsp Soya Sauce,

1/4Cup Chopped Onion's Greens, 1tsp

Vinegar, 1tsp Red Chili Sauce

Lollipop Sticks

Mix all the vegetables, corn flour, black pepper and salt.

Make oval shape from the vegetable mixture and insert a stick in it carefully and press them again.

Prepare all the lollipops and keep them for 10 minutes.

Fry in hot oil on medium-high flame in a flat bottom wok.

Take them out carefully.

Heat oil in a pan, add onion greens, tomato ketchup, red chili sauce, soya sauce and vinegar and cook for 2minutes.

Cover the lollipop sticks with a foil and coat the fried lollipops with the prepared sauce.

Chinese Veg Lollipops are ready to serve and enjoy.

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