Navratan Korma

Navratan Korma is a rich, royal, tangy and little sweet in taste. Try it at home with just few easy steps which are given in the video.



Preparation And Cooking Time

60 Min.



Cooking Method :   

1/2 Cup Blanched Green Peas

1/2 Cup Blanched Cauliflower

1/2 Cup Blanched French Beans

1/2Cup Cup Blanched Carrot

100 gm Cubed Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

½ Cup Grapes

½ Cup Canned Pineapple

½ Cup Canned Cherries

½ Cup Cashew Nut

Ingredients for Gravy:

1 Cup Onion, Ginger and Green Chili paste

1 Cup Cashew Paste (1/2 Cup Cashews + 2 tbsp Poppy seeds Soaked)

½ Cup Fresh Cream

2 tbsp Clarified Butter (Ghee)

2 Green Cardamom

1 Bay Leaf

1 Cinnamon stick

1 tsp White Pepper Powder

1.5 tsp Salt

2 tsp Sugar

1 tbsp Coriander Powder

Heat Ghee in a Pan

Add Cinnamon stick, cardamom and Bay leaf

Add Onion paste and cook for 5 minutes

Add Coriander powder, white pepper powder and cook for 1 minute

Add Cashew poppy seed paste and cook for 7-8 minutes on low flame, stir continuously.

Add 200ml water and cook for 10 minutes on low flame, stir it occasionally.

Add Fresh cream and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Add salt and sugar and mix well.

Add all blanched vegetables, fruits and cashew nuts and mix.

Switch off the flame.

Royal & Restaurant style Navratan Korma is ready!!



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